Yelda Özsunar Dayanır




Professor and Medical Doctor Yelda Ozsunar Dayanir is a renowned academic in the field of radiology. Her quest to understand life better and to make it more pleasant, as well as her scientific research, renders her a truly universal scientist. In this book Professor Ozsunar applies to her medical research a multidisciplinary approach and synthesizes it on a more emotional plane: to utilize the tools of art to look at it from a different perspective. 
In this regard Universal Symphony is not a textbook for medical students: it is a book meant to appeal to old and young alike. Information pertinent to our well-being, be it commonly known or not, is analyzed, explained, and questioned from an aesthetic perspective. 
The first four chapters of Universal Symphony delve into the functions and working of the brain, the enigmatic organ that steers our body as well as how the thought process works. Relying on scientific knowledge, Professor Ozsunar endeavors to show us in unconventional ways how our brain affects our perceptions, emotions, thoughts and behavior. With stories she utilizes art’s ability to make emotional connections. 
Professor Ozsunar wants to impress these ideas upon the reader, consciously and subconsciously, using real-life stories and visual pictures. Professor Ozsunar has penned Universal Symphony in a way that enriches scientific data with an emotional perspective. Moreover, with Professor Ozsunar’s creativity, this exploration of the human brain, the body’s immune system, DNA, and genetic structure almost turns into a scientific symphony. 
In later chapters, Professor Ozsunar scientifically explains how stress, a phenomenon that affects all of society, as well as fear, breathing, smell, and touch each affect our body. While using an artistic approach in her explanations, Professor Ozsunar also emphasizes the importance of music and visual arts in how patients are perceived, how they help in decoding their problems, and how they affect the recovery process.  
Professor Ozsunar uses a lyrical style in bringing together a complex and interdisciplinary subject. In Universal Symphony, the reader will witness how a scientific book can express and evoke emotions and will identify with the content personally. I wish all readers a pleasant time reading this book and congratulate Professor Yelda Ozsunar on writing it.   

                                     Professor of Fine Arts Meltem SOYLEMEZ