Prof. Dr. Yelda Özsunar
Evrensel Senfoni





A Guide with Sientific Literature , Poetry and Tales

for Self - Healing

Evrensel Senfoni, Iyilesme ve Farkindalik icin Rehber Kitap. Prof. Dr. Yelda Özsunar
Universal Symphony. A self healing guide wih sientific literature, poetry nd Tales. Prof.Dr. Yelda Özsunar

For centuries, the brain has been the human organ that garners the most interest. This big object in our heads, which looks much like a walnut, is at the helm during our body’s journey through life. It is constantly influenced by the environment; it develops, changes and is sometimes deceived; it has the power to heal or, through thoughts and emotions, to make the body ill. It is the most crucial component of our identity and our journey through life. Many volumes have been written trying to explain the mysteries of the brain and delving into the scientific research on neuroscience. These books must be revised and amended every few years in response to the copious amounts of information that come out of new research. Even a medical doctor can be confused and overwhelmed in the face of it all. Efforts to explain the intricacies of the brain will continue for centuries.

The fact is that our brain is able to select the information that benefits us, to retain experiences that will give us pleasure, and forget the rest. It lops off superfluous information in the same way that one prunes a tree and relegates the bits it deems redundant and unnecessary to oblivion, well-hidden in the mysterious nooks of the brain.

As physicians and scientists, we delve deeper into the intricacies of neuroscience and sometimes get lost in the sea of scientific knowledge. We may not be able to convey important information to our patients and others in plain language they will understand. But healing is a process in which a physician and patient need to communicate in terms both can comprehend. To begin with, everyone should understand and know their own body; protect their own body, with the guidance of science and observation; and contribute to their treatment as much as their physician does.

Everyone should be aware that medical science has established principles that will help the body combat stress, protect it from illnesses, aid healing, and form the basis of a healthy, balanced, and happy life. Modern treatment methods are more effective when patients are aware of these precepts, are well-informed, and embrace responsibility for their own health.

The unhealthy and polluted environment many people live in, as well as an unhappy and vacuous way of living devoid of aesthetic values, can lead to illness. ...

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