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Nasrah Nefer
Assistance Therapist

is of German-Egyptian descent, born and raised in Heidelberg. After graduating from high school, she began training as a nurse and, after graduating she worked in the municipal Dialysis Hospital in Merheim and for 1 year in the Gynecological clinic of the University Clinic in Cologne. In addition to regular nursing training, she acquired knowledge of classic massage techniques and in her free time developed her artistic ambitions in paintings. She received the offer to study art privately in Italy. She commuted between Italy and Germany for two years and studied painting with Franzesco Santini in Sardinia. She continued her artistic training in Germany, later studied Egyptology, Islamic Sience and Archeology at the University of Cologne and completed training in Contemporary and Egyptian Dance. With a focus on Egyptian Dance, she was internationally active on stages and taught dance, gymnastics and painting. She expanded her massage practices through Reiki courses and Manual Therapy and trained in Shiatsu Massage at the Thalamus Institute in Cologne. Nasrah Nefer opened an Orient Store in Bonn and realized her vision of connecting cultures and bringing people closer to the authentic taste of the Orient, a world full of colors and warmth in Orient Houses - in the Event Bistro and Restaurant “Ya Habibi ". During this time she had numerous exhibitions in Germany. Later she was on stage for years in many oriental countries, where she presents and teaches Dance and Art. She expanded her knowledge in the field of Life Coaching, completed courses in NLP, Psychology and Art Therapy, and also studied Informatic for Web Design. In 2015 her paintings were published together with the poems by Franziska Pietsch in the Artist Book “Seelenlandschaften” in the Deutsches Lyrikverlag. Nasrah Nefer combines Eastern and Western cultures in her Art, such as Art Noveau and Art Deco designs in synthesis. These styles are her inspiration and mirror her artistic expression. Her Artworks are awarded and are shown in international exhibitions. Here course content is also binding - currently teaches dance, painting and gymnastics, adapting interdisciplinary content to the needs and physical situation of her clients. Her focus is on improving health and mobilizing spine and joints, stabilizing well-being and promoting the body's own analytical reflection. As a therapeutic path for mind and soul, she offers various Therapies in the US Healthy Garden.

Nasrah Nefer speaks German, English and Turkish.



  • Dance Therapy

  • Spine Mobilisation and Alexander Tecnique

  • Manuel Therapy

  • Shiatsu Relaxe Massage

  • Gymnastics with Kardio and Streching


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